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Joist’s cofounders Brendon Sedo and Justin Kathan’s first business partnership was a drive up windshield repair business in Winnipeg Manitoba.

It wasn't a traditional brick and mortar setup so to give their customers professional invoices they created an app that could invoice on the spot.

While they thought they were solving customer’s problems by fixing their windshields, they noted that customers always asked about their app and wanted to know where they could get it for their own businesses

"a genuine goal to help contractors do what they love, and an authentic commitment to help homeowners everywhere love their homes."

The guys saw that it was especially appealing to contractors who wanted something easy and professional looking to use for billing without having to be computer savvy or have to spend too much time in the office. So in 2013 the duo decided to take the requests and turn it into the Joist app. Developed by Brendon Sedo, Justin Kathan and very soon after joined by Michael Gauthier, the three set out to help contractors simplify and grow their businesses

From having to borrow Airmiles from Brendon’s mother to meet with potential investors, and sleeping on various couches of friends and family members, even from almost being evicted from a Winnipeg incubator for being under the suspicion of living in the office, the initial stages were gritty. Joist has taken that grit and turned it into a core company value: passion to help others and determination to create a game changing company prevails to this day

In a few short years Joist has moved it’s head office to Toronto, opened a second marketplace in San Jose, and grown it’s awesome team exponentially. Throughout the changes we’ve faced and as we move forward, our mission remains the same: an unrelenting need to be the best, a genuine goal to help contractors do what they love, and an authentic commitment to help homeowners everywhere love their homes.

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